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Mvtha Cvla's Bio

Mvtha Cvla (pron. Mother Color), born Regina Baker, artist, producer and creative healer is a mother of two boys, creator of Mvtha's Kitchen, a singer songwriter, producer, musician, photographer, amongst many other things.


Regina started creating music at the age of 4, developing sounds on the drums in her mother's church. Over the years, Mvtha Cvla has dreamed of leaving an impact on the world with her art, no matter what medium. She is classically trained in multiple instruments like clarinet, violin and saxophone.


As a teen she saw a need in the underground community of Gospel Music and it pushed her to put on local shows in her community opening doors to youth church groups, up and coming independent christian hip-hop artists, dance groups, artists and musicians.


At age 18 she built her first home studio and has continued that practice as well as working in local studios for independent artists in the NW FL area. She has shared the stage, captured studio visuals, shot music videos, branded, mentored and created with some of the industry's top talent for music and film.


She’s worked with producers, songwriters, engineers, A&R and musicians of well known names including Beyonce, Kevin Gates, etc. She's shared the stage as an opening act for artists like Cody Chestnut, SILAS and Kendra Foster.

Mvtha Cvla  is the epitome of the new generation "wav" of super producers and what she likes to call hybrids. A hybrid is someone who can cross over artistic mediums and still is aware of their initial goal & purpose.


Her purpose is create art and safe spaces for people to grow and evolve holistically. Creatives are healers and as business owners, they need healing soundtracks that give direction while broadening minds of those around them.

Heal the soul, heal the heart, heal the mind, the rest if over matter. - Mvtha Cvla


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