I Heart Bento (Restaurant Review)

So, it’s been a while. The boys and I have started homeschooling for the second year, I’ve gotten over feeling like a failure and I’ve chosen to look at our wins. Shemuel is talking more and using his communication app (I’ll talk more about that soon) and Jeshuah is learning lots of life management skills as well as organizational tools to get through his adulthood.

Today we had a well deserved date to I Heart Bento here in Pensacola, FL. Jesh and Shem both love Boba 🧋 (so do I ) and we decided to try a new spot. 

The Boba options were cool, I’ve never seen Boba Soda before. The vibe was really low noise and intimate but not too intimate. We ordered a Bento Box, Egg Rolls and Sushi.

I can say I’ve had better sushi but it was okay, Jesh said he liked it. The egg-rolls had a thin crispy batter that I’d come back for. The staff was nice, patient and the price was decent. 

We give it a #NappyHappy rating of 4 stars, a nice place to have a family lunch date.