Shem Likes Washing Dishes 😊

So, this is my first full post on Autism homeschooling has been loony with running my own business from home but I’d like to share some gains. Shemuel turns 11 Friday and I’ve seen soo much progress in him. Starting off Shem babbled like a baby and didn’t speak until age 7, he wakes late and had issues with simple tasks like having he teeth brushed (just a little background).

The first half of the school year we focused on behavior and processing day to day tasks more than anything. Because we all know, you can’t learn if you don’t understand or have a hard time focusing. Shem has learned to help in the kitchen for breakfast and lunch preparation and sometimes dinner. He’s at a place now where he can wash his dishes too. 

It all started with me noticing Shemuel staring in the doorway of the kitchen looking sad while me and Jeshuah (my 14 year old) worked diligently cleaning and prepping food. Naturally I started thinking, why he would be reacting that way. After a couple of weeks I realize that he possibly wanted to help. He always likes watching me cook, so I didn’t initially pay it any mind. When thinking about children who can speak and communicate effectively sometimes dealing with a child who has their limitations doing so, you can forget that they are capable of doing things that children who can speak do as well.


Now, I mindfully give tasks to Shemuel when it comes to household chores.

  1. Washing just his dish when everyone else watch their dishes or letting him help to put groceries up and get them out of the car.
  2. Naming items, pointing to them, reading them, spelling them out are all ways to help him process what’s what and where it goes. 

There is a challenge in him complying at times but I chose not to put more pressure on him and congratulate him on completion of those tasks (as well as encouragement along the way). 

Love, Light & Evolution!

- Gina