Road Trip (Our Second Festival)

In the past 10 years, the boys and I haven’t traveled much. We usually stay in our bubble at home or close intimate environments with friends and family, I chose that would change especially since we’re homeschooling. The Universe met me on the other side of this idea to travel more (creating opportunities to perform at festivals and in front of larger crowds).

The VLOG below shows our trip to Huntsville, AL for the Good Music and Arts Festival. We stayed at the Embassy Suites, had dinner at Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint and enjoyed the beautiful Big Springs International Park. I performed Nappy (Happy) and everyone LOVED it!   

Jesh slept the whole trip there and back, Shem was the total opposite. I brought my BFF Jennifer of 21 years along and she was a blessing helping with the Shemster while I networked and rocked the mic (she helped drive too, God knows I needed it). Jesh took pictures, Shem did not meltdown for lack of food, it being too hot or being over stimulated, they both did aooo good!!! 

Anywho, check the VLOG below, follow us on IG via @NappyHappyFamily and subscribe to my channel for more content! Remember you can grab some Nappy Happy merch as well, it’s always appreciated!

- Mvtha Cvla