Taking Your Time

It’s a normal day in our home and we are getting ready to run some errands together. On a day that I choose to run errands I’ve learned to make it a days event. Since we all deal with anxiety I choose to take my time in more things day to day. Rushing only causes me to become frustrated and anxious. Rushing them causes both Jeshuah and Shem to shut down.

When I choose to take my time I am more relaxed and more patient which allows the boys to be more productive, less combative and less stressed about getting ready.

Taking my time also allows me to enjoy the moment even more by doing little things that make us all smile; free-styling funny things, making up songs and playing ninja with them. I get to check them from head to toe, making sure their hygiene, energy and appearance is in tack without being abrasive.

You may ask why would I ever be frustrated but anyone who has to repeat the same thing over and over in order for a task for an extended amount of time could get tired. It’s about the balance in parenting neurodivergent  children. You have to learn them and nurture them how they need, not based on societal standards.

Since we’ve been pretty much living with only us in our household the past year, it has allowed me the benefit of noticing what makes them more anxious or not. It has helped me recognize my anxiety and helped me slow down.

Here are a few tips that help us:

  • I cut out a bunch of events and even going into large crowds when we’re not having a balanced day.
  • I always ask them if they’d like to go places or not.
  • If I see they’re not having the best day emotionally, I will cancel plans.

It’s amazing how when you take away the pressure of having to be somewhere at a certain time or where you may not want to go; how much anxiety goes out of the window. Remember, I’m a mom with two boys who just so happen to process things differently. I’m a professional at doing my best. Hopefully these tips and story helps you in some way!

Love, Light & Evolution 

- Gina