Welcome to Mvtha’s Kitchen

Hello, my name is Regina (my friends call me Gina) and I go by the alias Mvtha Cvla (pronounced Mvtha Cvla). I’m firstly a mother of 2 African American autistic boys ages 14 & 10 (to those who know about autism, you know it’s a broad spectrum) and since we’ve been quarantined, we’ve started homeschooling. I’m also a self taught Producer, Songwriter, Multimedia Guru and Brand Consultant +.  It’s been interesting this past almost year and I’m grateful for this particular time and experience. 

This is my website where I do a spectrum of things, hence the name Mvtha Cvla, I nurture many gifts. Over time you will see them unfold but keep this in mind, I’ve dreamed since a little girl to open a performing arts school in the south, to own my own record label and production company. I have it on VHS tape lol. I love art but I love the beauty of nature and spirit. I hope to get to know you better and create an atmosphere and experience that will be evolutionary to your existence.