Goddess Arami


Goddess Arami born Jasmine Johnson, in Jackson TN is an African American singer/songwriter, dancer seamstress, baker and emcee. Goddess Arami always has been in love with music and the art of writing as well as creating things in general but after getting shot in her leg and her dreams feeling crushed, she thought she’d never dance again and making music was furthest from her mind. 
In 2017 Goddess met and became friends with Mvtha Cvla, (in Pensacola FL) Mvtha didn’t know at the moment about all of Goddesses talents but they kept in touch when Goddess returned to TN. A few years later Goddess returned to TN in the midst of a pandemic and a couple of hurricanes. Goddess was then introduced to Mvtha’s Kitchen where Mvtha Cvla had been creating a plan and cooking up work for independent artists. Goddess showed Mvtha all of the lyrics she’d been writing and it was a perfect match. In a week they wrote 8 songs together, some while locked in during a hurricane, this is where the first EP and self titled single “Elevation” was born. 
Goddness is inspired by artists like H.E.R., India Arie, Brandy, Queen Latifah, Missy, Doja Cat, Beyoncé and Rihanna. She brings laid back vibes and story telling that makes you feel like you were there.

Goddess has and is in the works of creating more content but this 3 song EP gives you a glimpse into her world and an introduction to an artist that has life experience and stories to tell. Everybody doesn’t understand the struggle but she does and I promise you’ll be on the edge of your seat when you see what’s next from Goddess Arami. Meet Mvtha’s Kitchen’s first artist & creative, Goddess.