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Visual Production

Visual Production Support

Hello beautiful soul! 

You are here because you heard about an opportunity to have a visual directed for your song with no upfront costs to you and guess what? It’s not too good to be true. 


How does this work?

You bring a song idea to the table and possibly a concept that you’d like depicted. Mvtha Cvla of The Cvla Spectrum LLC reviews the song to see if it fits our brand’s vision and style. If so, we set up a meeting to talk about the details of your vision. 

Why This Route?


The industry has survived off of indie artists over the years by grabbing them while they’re hot but unknowledgeable about the business. That put a bad taste in a lot of artists' mouths. As an independent creator, I’ve seen a gap for artists who want to remain independent however run into budget problems to invest in their amazing art or products.


There is an upfront fee for everything. Composition, art work, recording, mixing, mastering, distribution, marketing tools, merchandise and more all are required to put out quality work. 


In film there are hundreds of jobs. Those creatives used to average about 150 an hour or more averaging out about 65 million dollars in JUST the production alone. If you add marketing and distribution, that is another 35 million or so. Even in micro-budget-films the cost can spread anywhere from $1,000 - $50,000 in budget. So how do indie creatives get access to quality products and services without lots of money?

My Solution

A cross creative medium collaborations in exchange for percentages on the back end is the formula. We’re in a world where artists have the control of independently distributing their art via social media and distribution platforms such as Distrokid and Bandcamp. This leaves space for exchange of royalties and growth for everyone who is apart of your vision. 

Just as a music producer, composer, songwriter and even in some cases engineers; get a percentage. I haven’t seen that be shared concerning multimedia and we all need great visuals but they don’t always return on our investment instantly. 

So, let's talk about your vision, create a realistic budget of what that would normally cost, set a fee then add a little incentive of 10% for the investment. 

Once we’re done with that fee, we’ll come up with a percentage that would be suitable on the total revenue and an estimated timeline, i.e. 25% of royalty earnings until we reach our return goal.

Depending on your distribution company, we can split digital royalties there and you’d be free of reporting numbers and earnings once our company is added to your streaming and purchase royalties. If not, we’d require quarterly reporting and payouts just as the record labels do.

If we reach that goal within the time presented, you’d resume those royalties for yourself and reporting would cease. If not, the contract would extend to the next year and continue until paid in full. 

This allows creatives to maintain ownership of their works and share their growth with other independent creatives and boutique agencies such as The Cvla Spectrum LLC while reaching a larger market with their high quality vision.

If you're still interested, click the link below and lets get to work.

Love & Light,


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