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Once you're a mother, you're always a mvtha.

Hello beautiful souls, weirdos and southern folks. If you're here, it's because you've connected with me in the artistic and or tech world. 

I am a self taught multimedia specialist working on projects ranging from audio production, music production, film production, web-building and product development for over 15 years.

I am also a mother of two neurodivergent boys who I've been pretty successful through years of research, applying that knowledge and creating their therapies in home to fill the gaps. A passion of mine is to create spaces and products that have  


I recently transitioned into  UX Design and you are experiencing a new portfolio and pieces of my new creative journey.

Families with 
autism and their 

According to the CDC, 1 in every 36 children are now autistic. In a classroom there is at least one person who has autism. I am a mother of two autistic boys who I've helped get to a very great level of growth however, living in Florida where there are limits on everything including Child Psychologists, ABA, Occupational Therapy, no Respite Care for children with autism or it's so expensive that most people can't afford it. I know plenty of people who live off of less than 60 thousand a year and out of pocket expenses for therapies and support can be that extreme. 


As an artist and entrepreneur I've always worked other jobs to fund my life and parent at the same time. I found that it was hard maintaining without support like after school programs, shuttle services as well as the shortage on therapy services. 

I don't have a solution to everything but I plan on creating awareness around autism and what that world looks like to create resources for neurodivergent families

Follow the details into my journey as a new UX Design Generalist, mother of two neurodivergent boys, researching and creating an app design that can help other parents like myself.  

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Mvtha Cvla's


I recently had the pleasure to chop & screw this song OutTheMud for songwriter and engineer Itsjustdra feat Amar Miller.


OutTheMud is his 4th single release for his up and coming project. This record is full of love & light, a song to vibe to.


Tap in and listen below.


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