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Mvtha's Creative Offerings

Pre-Fall Sale


The Power of Connectivity + Art

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Mvtha Cvla Current Offerings:

1 Original Instrumental (lease)

1 Song Chopped & Screwed

1 Pair of custom ChakraBandz

+ Shipping + Handling 

1 Song Feature

Price: You Chose your donation. 


Mvtha Cvla's Current Offerings:

1 Original Instrumental (lease)

1 Song Chopped & Screwed

1 Pair of Custom ChakraBandz

+ Shipping + Handling

1 Feature Verse/Hook 

1 Photo Shoot 9 (edits)

What is The Pre-Fall Sale?


Hello beautiful souls, weirdos & southern folks!

It's me, Mvtha Cvla (Muh-tha Cuh-lah)!

Thanks for dropping in, I hope you've been well. I've been working on some projects that have taken up most of my time this year however, I have some space to collaborate and create before my next season. I really want to connect & build.

I also know we're in a time where things are rough for a lot of people financially so, YOU get to choose your offering for the artistic exchange.

With that being said,

I'm open for collaborations + commissions :) 

You'd just fill out the form below explaining what you'd like and click the donate button. 


Once your donation is received, I'll reach out to you to schedule what you'd like to connect on creatively within 24-48 hours.  


If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to leave a message below.

First time connecting?

Here is some of my portfolio of my creative works in the past few years. I hope you find something you connect with.



Photography is art

Since a little girl I've loved taking pictures with people and of people. I can go back to kindergarten in my portfolio. Now we live in an age where photos are instant, we don't go to develop them at the local store anymore, we go to a device & look at the photos. Lets make memories & art. 


ChakraBandz +
handmade jewelry.


I started making these frames wrapped with wire back in 2015 because I kept having a vision of me wearing them and performing my music. Back then I was just learning about crystals, frequency and raising my vibration. I hired someone to make me what I saw in my visions, I loved them, broke them and lost contact :(


A couple years later I answered the call to create them, I started making the headbands first then I moved on to the glasses + frames, not to sell but for myself. Everywhere I went people asked for them, my friends paid me & had me make some and then they started selling like hot cakes.

I'm grateful for the support + journey.




Music Production

When I make beats or instrumentals it's about the connection to my feelings, emotions and spiritual state. It's like portal jumping or stepping into another dimension. If you'd like to make music with someone who is connected to the art, or you're tired of the copy & paste soulless production, lets build some sounds. Click the button to the left to tap into a few of my styles. Love, Mvtha.

I look forward to our connection, 


Leave details on your desired exchange below.

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Thanks for visiting my creative kitchen.

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Thanks for tapping in!

Terms +

Items to be shipped must cover shipping + handling. Visual Bookings must be within Tallahassee, FL or must cover travel expenses included in their donation. Service or item must be agreed upon before accepting booking or shipping, be sure to send message before donating. Booking until all slots full until September 22nd. Please wait for confirmation via email to set up a date and time for your slot. No refunds.

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