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This form is for caregivers, parents, family members and friends of family who work closely with children with autism.

Mothering and Autism Initiative

Hi, my name is Regina aka Mvtha Cvla. I am a mother of two neurodivergent boys on two different ends of the autism spectrum. 17 years ago there wasn't much public education or information on autism, what it looks like and how to operate in a world with people who see the world from that lens.


My goal is to find our what resources are lacking within the autistic community in order to provide a collective database of resources and education to marginalized communities starting in Florida to the world. 

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to journal and share experiences with families, educators, therapists and physicians to help make the overall experience of neurodivergent children better?


Hello there, I've put together this web portal on my own to do user research and share my journey and resources for autism.  If you have time, help me compile data of parents, caregivers, physicians, family members, educators and loved ones of children with autism spectrum disorder to make the world more accessible to people with autism and their caregivers. Thank you in advance!

Mothering and Autism

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