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Who is
Mvtha Cvla?


Mvtha Cvla, born in Troy, AL is an American multi-genre songwriter, artist and music producer. There is a lot to be said about people who decide to keep going when life tosses them lemons with no water or sugar. Mvtha Cvla is a lovechild of Eryka Badu, Prince, Missy Elliott and Outkast all in one. She bends sounds and does not allow genres to define her creativity. Mvtha has shared the stage with indie artists such as Cody Chesnutt, Marcel P. Black, Dear Silas, Alfred Banks and more.

You may catch her sampling an old song of hers while dropping a new beat on top of it, playing synths live, live vocal processing over her voice, with a band or solo; taking you on a psychedelic trip to art-land. Mvtha's purpose is to leave you with an experience that you can take with you for a lifetime.

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