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New Release

Mvtha Cvla Live 


Mvtha Cvla (pron. Mother Color) fka Gina Mae the Jones is a mother of two boys, owner and operator of The Cvla Spectrum LLC (a Creative Agency), a singer songwriter, producer, musician, photographer, film maker as well as a brand & marketing consultant. Regina started creating music at the age of 4, developing sounds on the drums in her mother's church, by age 8 she was making beats and recording them to tape. At age 11, inspired by her aunt, gospel singer/songwriter, cultivator, vocal coach, choir director and recording artist Brenda (EBE) Edwards.

I grew up in a Pentecostal church but I snuck and watched and listened to everything that had soul as a kid; The Winans, Canton Spirituals, Kirk Franklin, John P. Kee, The Clark Sisters, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Wu Tang Clan, Snoop Dog, Gospel Gangstas, A1 Swift, Erykah Badu, Outkast and production of Dark Child, Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Mississippi Mass Choir and The Roots." She started writing, composing and recording full songs on tape, teaching herself how to layering her own vocals, sounds and harmonies. She is classically trained in multiple instruments like clarinet, violin, saxophone and percussion of all sorts. Over the years, Mvtha Cvla has consistently left an impact on the world with her art, no matter what medium.


Mvtha started as a christian hip-hop artist. As a teen she saw a need in the underground community of Gospel Music so she put on local shows in her community opening doors to youth church groups, up and coming independent christian hip-hop artists, dance groups, artists and musicians. At age 18 she built her first home studio and has continued that practice as well as working in local studios for independent artists in the NW FL area. She has shared the stage, captured studio visuals, shot music videos, branded, mentored and created with some of the industry's top talent for music and film. She’s worked with producers, songwriters, engineers, A&R's and musicians of well known names including Beyonce, Kevin Gates, Rick Ross, Chris Brown and more. Sharing the stage in the underground like Dear Silas, Alfred Banks, Marcel P. Black and Cody Chesnutt, she's worked in and helped cultivate the underground chitlin' circuit. 

Mvtha Cvla  is the epitome of the new generations "wav" of super producers and what she likes to call hybrids. An hybrid is someone who can cross over artistic mediums and is still aware of their initial goal & purpose; to be hue-man to do balanced business because we are hue-mans on a journey to elevate; therefore we've all had to crawl before we could walk, for those who can't, we must help them find their legs. Her purpose is to create a space for the next generation of artists, creatives and business owners who love and value art, it's healing properties while creating a new balanced relationship between consumers, businesses and creatives. 

Welcome to Mvtha's Kitchen.

Percussionist | Drummer 




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Peace x Love!

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