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For the unique in style and personality.


What Are Chakrabandz?

On a planet where being yourself can feel a little rough, Chakrabandz are a tool to feel aligned in your unique skin.

Each pair of bandz are uniquely hand wrapped by Mvtha Cvla as an exchange of her energy to those who support her vision as a creative artist. 

Chakrabandz were born in 2015 when Mvtha Cvla (then Gina Mae the Jones) hired a copper jewelry maker to make these glasses she kept envisioning in her sleep and daydreams. 

They made their exchange however, lost communication over time. Mvtha in 2018 started playing around with the copper, making frames for her to wear in her leisure, rings and necklaces she loves wearing daily. As she continued studying crystals more, she found out how deeply she was connected to those elements and people who sought her support and counsel.

Want to see Mvtha Cvla's vision, grab you a custom pair of Chakrabandz and watch how your life aligns with the true you.  


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