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Neurodivergent parenting, it's wins and lessons.

Breaking the Cycle: My Journey with Parental Yelling and Nurturing Children's Emotional Growth

As a mother and the founder of Mothering and Autism, I've traversed the complex landscape of parenting, grappling with the all-too-familiar scenario of raising my voice in frustration. Let's delve into the psychology behind parents yelling at their kids and the profound impact it can have on children's emotional development.

I'll be the first to admit, parenting can be incredibly frustrating – I've been there myself. There was a time when I, too, used to raise my voice. But a pivotal moment came when I realized not only how I felt afterward but, more crucially, how my children felt. That realization sparked a profound shift in my approach to parenting, one rooted in self-awareness and growth.

The crux of my message lies in the paradox of parents struggling to manage their emotions while expecting their children to navigate theirs. It's not about passing judgment; we all fall short at times. However, by becoming more aware, we can make changes and avoid emotionally damaging our kids.

From a psychological standpoint, the impact of parental yelling on children is substantial. Research suggests that repeated exposure to yelling can lead to heightened stress levels, anxiety, and a distorted sense of self-worth in children. This realization prompted me to advocate for a collective awakening among parents, urging them to reflect on their own emotional responses and make deliberate changes.

Embracing this awareness became a transformative journey, influencing not only my parenting style but also the mission of Mothering and Autism. To provide support and resources, I've incorporated insights aimed at offering a more mindful and emotionally attuned approach to raising children.

In conclusion, my journey of self-awareness and transformation offers hope and guidance to parents navigating the intricate balance of emotions in parenting. By acknowledging our own shortcomings, embracing awareness, and making intentional changes, we can break the cycle of parental yelling, fostering a healthier emotional environment for our children to thrive.


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