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Neurodivergent parenting, it's wins and lessons.

Meet Regina: A Parent's Journey with Neurodiversity

"Hello, I'm Regina, but to many, I'm known as Mvtha Cvla. I've embarked on a 17-year journey as a parent to two incredible boys, both beautifully neurodivergent. Autism isn't just a word in our household; it's a part of our everyday life, shaping our experiences, teaching us patience, and fostering boundless love.

Being a parent to neurodivergent children isn't just a role; it's a unique expedition, filled with discoveries, challenges, and moments of sheer joy. These boys, with their unique perspectives and beautiful minds, have taught me more than any book or expert ever could. They've shown me the power of resilience, the beauty of uniqueness, and the importance of empathy.

Through these 17 years, navigating the intricacies of autism from a parent's viewpoint has been enlightening, to say the least. I've seen the world through their eyes, celebrating their victories, soothing their struggles, and being their unwavering support system. And it's this journey that fuels my desire to offer support and share the knowledge I've gained.

My experiences have taught me the significance of community, understanding, and acceptance. I've walked the path of advocating for inclusive education, unraveling the mysteries of therapies, and embracing the power of routine. These insights, learned through trials and triumphs, are what I want to share with others.

This isn't just about me; it's about lending a helping hand to fellow parents, caregivers, educators, and anyone touched by neurodiversity. It's about offering a safe space where experiences are exchanged, advice is given, and most importantly, where understanding thrives.

Together, let's navigate this labyrinth of neurodiversity, sharing stories, strategies, and support. Let's celebrate the uniqueness of every individual and build a world where differences are embraced, not just tolerated.

So here's to my boys, my inspiration, and to everyone out there on a similar journey. Let's walk this path together, sharing our wisdom, offering support, and creating a world where neurodiversity is celebrated, understood, and cherished."


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