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#MvthasMondays Week 8

H3y yall, howuduin in this retrograde? I've been connecting the dots of freedom and truth (the beautiful and the ugly); baptizing my thoughts in things that make me happy. Sometimes we don't have enough where I'm from and we make the best with what we have.

This week I released "In Da Water" on all streaming platforms. There is something about the connection to my Ancestors and this record I made working through my emotions of moving past, past choices by reflecting on times that I thought I wouldn't make it. The thing is everything is as it should be, we just have to find the lesson & take that L(esson).

I hope you have an amazing week & enjoy this peace offering.

❤️- Mvtha


Find it on your favorite streaming platform here:


I went to the water yesterday with my friend Nat_Han and she took these photos of me. I got to edit them and we laughed for so many reasons. We have some visuals otw that I'd like to share with you as well.

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