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#MvthasMondays Week 3

Today is week three of Mvthas Mondays, thanks for stopping by! This week I decided to create art with my son Jesh Fresh. Jeshuah is 15 he’s 6 feet tall gentle giant. He told me that he wanted to go into modeling a year ago so we've been building his self esteem. He had some issues with him loving himself and being comfortable in his own skin as dark and beautiful as he is he didn’t feel like he was. So what better way to remind him of his glory than dying his nappy hair & letting him get fresh for some photos, naturally. NAPPY HAPPY 😊

Tell your boys you love them

Our black men need to hear when they’re black boys that they are beautiful, they are loved that it’s OK to be strong and still cry. They deserve surprises and hugs with no reason attached.

This is the first Photography Series that will follow up with merchandise available exclusively at

Building healthy relationships with soul food.

❤️- Mvtha

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