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Regina started making music at the tender age of 4 years old, mastered many skills in the performing arts including competing in writing monologues, dance, singing, and playing instruments. Over 30 years of performing and competing, Regina always had a vision of producing music, film, books and products. She has cultivated bands, musicians, producers, brands and small businesses over the past 26 years gaining knowledge while mastering areas of entertainment and business through experience. At the tender age of 11 Regina saw that she wanted to write songs, compose and produce music for others and the only way she could see other people trusting her is by her proving it to them. For 20+ years Regina has used herself as beta in areas of artist development, branding, graphic design, film making, marketing, music production, stage management, event management, event production, sound engineering, teaching, executive production, social media management, broadcasting, social media branding and music distribution (hand to hand and digitally). After gaining the knowledge she has, she's also helped others learn along the way and now has decided to create Mvtha's Kitchen as a Creative Agency to make space for those like herself. Visionaries who want to help others make their visions come to life because everybody needs a team.



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